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Wecare was founded by Francesca Polini. Most recently Global Communications Director for Greenpeace, Francesca has held a number of posts encompassing both communication and change.


She has worked as news producer in London and earned her degree in Economics before working for Mars Inc. in a number of roles including Head of Internal Communications and Head of Business Change Management for Europe.


It was during this time that she completed her Master's degree in Responsibility and Business Practices with an emphasis on social responsibility and environmental and social justice.
She has lived in a number of countries both in Europe and Latin America and travelled extensively. She also speaks six languages and her ability to understand cross- cultural issues both within organizations and beyond is highly acknowledged.


Francesca is a very successful facilitator. Her ability to bring people with apparently different aims and attitudes together to discuss difficult and complex issues is highly sought after.


Her experience also means she has been fortunate to work a range of talented individuals with whom she now works at Wecare. These include writers, researchers, brand gurus, change facilitators, corporate responsibility experts, producers and various technical experts. Depending on the project, she is able to pull together the best, most appropriate team so that you get the skills and experience you need and nothing you don’t need.

Francesca Polini


Francesca is a member of the RSA, the Chair and Founder of Adopt a Better Way and author of the book Mexican Takeaway.






Rick Vlemmiks


13yrs commercial marketing roles in FMCG (Mars, P&G). 10 years executive level roles in Services businesses in FS, Insurance and Utilities. Rick has an outstanding record of turning big brands and businesses around.

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A lot of things actually. We facilitate. We create. We write. We coach.

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